We’re a nonprofit. Our team combines science and communications to inspire citizens to take action. Whether we’re engaging individuals, elected officials or public servants, Bluestem Communications knows what messages and strategies will inspire their action.

We are leaders in the field of values-based communications and research-based message development in the environmental community. We use public opinion research to inform our messages that speak to widely held cultural values and prominent public concerns. We use these messages to engage targeted audiences like homeowners, municipal staff or young adults on issues through highly salient, cognitive and effective approaches.

Since 1995, we’ve developed a reputation for providing quality communications services at nonprofit prices. We’re proud to have worked with:

  • large government agencies
  • city and village governments
  • local and national nonprofit organizations
  • regional and national coalitions
  • foundations


What makes us special?
Bluestem Communications offers governments and organizations that are working to conserve and protect our environment a unique combination of skills:

  • expertise and over 20 years of experience in communications, outreach and messaging
  • understanding of how environmental nonprofits work and their challenges and resources (since we are one, too!)
  • sweeping knowledge of environmental issues and the science behind them
  • extensive experience creating and guiding coalitions


Bluestem Communications knows what people value
Environmental groups work hard, every day, to protect and restore our natural world. But, without an informed and engaged public alongside you, your goals will always be too far away.

Bluestem Communications researches what people think and how they feel about an issue. We’re interested in more than just the facts. We want to know: how much they know; what language they use; how they respond; where they get their information; what motivates their actions; and how they relate to an environmental issue or resource. We use this information to design and implement strategies that will transform people’s behaviors to improve and protect our precious land and water resources.