Bluestem Communications is proud to have worked with a great variety of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and coalitions throughout the United Stated. Together, we’ve strengthened networks and inspired lasting behavior change. Here is what some of our recent clients have said about our work:

“Chicago Wilderness’ public communication program is founded on the values-based communication strategies developed by Bluestem Communications. We have also had the opportunity to work with Bluestem Communications on a number of communication projects over the years, so we were thrilled when we had the opportunity to have them help build our public communications capacity. In just three months, the Bluestem Communications team has begun to work seamlessly with our staff and many project groups and have helped better coordinate and streamline our messaging. With their help, we have already been more successful in promoting the great work that we do to greater audiences.”

-Lucy Hutcherson
Director of Conservation and Communication Programs
Chicago Wilderness

“The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has collaborated with Bluestem Communications on the Illinois Lake Michigan Implementation Plan, a grant project funded through the USEPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  As a lead partner, Bluestem Communications developed a strong communications strategy and messaging platform to engage our current stakeholders and guide outreach efforts to potential stakeholders.  Their ability to define and capture strategic, actionable goals, and create an implementation approach and plan to effectively communicate with target audiences is what truly defines them as a leading environmental communications organization.”

-Rachel Sudimack
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Lake Michigan Implementation Planning Group

“The 1 Mississippi campaign provides well-defined and engaging messages and campaign materials for us to implement. Because all ten states of the Mississippi River region are using the same materials, messages and tactics, we are building a national movement to protect the River together. As the campaign managers, Bluestem Communications has developed clear and inspiring message and materials that fit our local needs and work toward national goals.”

-Cecily Smith
Prairie Rivers Network


“The Bluestem Communications team brought critical insight and guidance to our network building efforts.  They really helped us see the necessary stepping stones to achieve our long term goals.”

 -Maggie Zoellner
Project Manager
Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network