Bluestem Communications follows two guiding principles:

  1. In order to protect the environment we need to motivate people to act.
  2. To get people to act we must appeal to the values they already hold to be true.

Bluestem Communications researches what people think and how they feel about an issue. We’re interested in more than just the facts.  We want to know: how much they know; what language they use; how they respond; where they get their information; what motivates their actions; and how they relate to an environmental issue or resource. We use this information to design and implement strategies that will transform people’s behaviors to improve and protect our precious land and water resources.

Our Mission

Bluestem Communications is dedicated to protecting our natural resources through compelling communications and strong coalitions. We research, design, implement and evaluate communication and education strategies to connect existing personal values to environmental causes. Our work motivates targeted audiences—like homeowners, business owners and elected officials—to value the role healthy ecosystems play in sustaining quality of life and to take action to protect and restore Earth’s natural resources. We partner with other nonprofit organizations, coalitions and agencies to improve their internal and external communications to advance their environmental goals.