For the past year, Bluestem Communications has conducted extensive public opinion research on water quality in Illinois. Bluestem distributed surveys in rural Macoupin and Vermilion counties and suburban Will County. The results of these survey illuminate important similarities and differences in how suburban and rural Illinoisans view water quality issues in their area.

Bluestem presented these results at the 2017 Illinois Association of Sotmrwater and Floodplain Managers (IASFM) Conference in Springfield. Stormwater and floodplain communicators should understand how their audience sees their issues. If there’s one thing we want communicators to realize, it’s that you are not your audience! Public opinion research like this will help communicators create more effective campaigns.

Rural and suburban residents have a lot in common when it comes to water perceptions; but the best communicators are aware of the slight differences, too. Understanding how serious water quality issues are to the public and which actions the public is willing to take is an important first step towards developing effective solutions. Bluestem Communications conducts public opinion research on a variety of environmental issues so that communicators are equipped with the right information to create an effective water quality campaign. Click here to learn more about our public opinion research.