Supporting a nontraditional nonprofit

Bluestem uses unique, research-based, values-centered education and communication tools to build an informed, engaged and active citizenry who will speak protect and defend our precious resources. Because of donations from individual supporters and foundations, we have made great strides.

We’re in the trenches everyday leading and collaborating with coalitions who work for the betterment of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – two of the greatest watersheds in the world. We’re also in local communities like Waukegan, Illinois, and Dublin, Ohio, helping organizations inspire citizens to bring sound environmental practices to their everyday lives.

We are privileged to be supported by foundations, corporations and individuals who understand our mission and provide the resources to accomplish it. Bluestem operates under a specially-designed two-pronged mission:

  1. We research, design, implement and evaluate communication and education strategies that connect personal values to environmental causes.
  2. We help other nonprofits, municipalities and coalitions reach their own communications goals through workshops, trainings and consulting hours.

Our unique mission makes us a nontraditional nonprofit organization. Almost a third of our revenue comes from fee for service projects where peer organizations hire us to help with their communications planning and implementation. While we are grateful for grants from large foundations like the McKnight Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, we still depend on individual supporters to help cover day to day expenses.

The staff and board of Bluestem are grateful to all of the supporters and clients that we have been privileged to work with over the years.

If you support our mission to protect the Great Lakes, Mississippi River and other precious resources through strategic communications and strong coalitions, please donate today.