Each year, Bluestem Communications helps new coalitions and organizations refine their communications efforts in order to more efficiently meet programmatic goals. Many of our projects are short-term and include developing communications strategies and coalition systems. Below is some information about a few of our recent projects.

Mississippi River Network

The Mississippi River provides drinking water to 18 million people, but its integrity is being compromised by pollution and human interference. In 2007, Bluestem Communications was hired by the Mississippi River Network, currently comprised of 50 member organizations, to manage public opinion research on the Mississippi River. By developing a communications campaign in the ten Mississippi River states, Bluestem Communications hopes to inspire policy-makers, the agricultural community and engaged citizens to take action to restore and protect the Mississippi River and the Gulf. The 1 Mississippi campaign represents Bluestem Communications’ commitment to creating coalitions with other organizations to achieve a common goal.


Texas Land Trust Council

Bluestem Communications has been hired by the Texas Land Trust Council to conduct state-wide public opinion research and develop a public campaign for their network of land trusts. Over the course of the project, we will conduct extensive audience research to determine the best values-based messaging to use to inspire large landowners and residents to take action. We will provide campaign implementation plans, timelines and trainings for how to use the campaign materials and messages to members of the Coalition.


Millennium Reserve and Greater Calumet Region Natural and Cultural Guidebook

Bluestem Communications worked with a diverse Task Force of people who live and work throughout the Millennium Reserve and Greater Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana to produce a beautiful, full-color Guide to the natural and cultural resources of this fantastic area. We facilitated input meetings, conducted research, wrote drafts, populated maps, and designed and produced the final product.  Available to download for free, this book is designed to inspire both residents and visitors to get out and explore the world around them.