Our unique approach to communications consulting offers several multi-faceted communications services to clients and partners. Within each service, listed below, we can work with groups on a one-time only small project or on a multi-year program. We offer services on a contract basis, but are also frequently written into grant proposals for communications projects.

Communications Plans, Messages, and Materials
We employ an audience-centric approach that considers the specific values and beliefs of the target audience. We write values-based messages, design compelling materials, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the materials to truly engage your audience.

Coalition Support
Bluestem has a long history of bringing together and facilitating diverse groups with varied agendas to achieve common goals.

Education and Outreach Campaigns
Bluestem creates full-scale outreach campaigns, complete with goals, messengers, pathways and communications materials. We’ve recently created several stormwater education and outreach campaigns designed to meet MS4 permit requirements for clients in Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Public Opinion Research
Bluestem commissions, manages and disseminates public opinion studies that help organizations develop smarter and more incisive education and communications campaigns.

Trainings and Workshops
Building the communications capacity of environmental groups is a critical component of our work. We increase individual and coalition-wide communications capacity through half or full day workshops and trainings, project-based consulting hours and communications audits.

Stakeholder Engagement
Bluestem Communications identifies key stakeholders and develops strategies to engage them in projects using tailored messages and carefully-chosen activities. We can facilitate sensitive meetings, motivate participants and provide the tools to implement long-term engagement plans.


No matter your audience or your message, we can help you make the connection. Contact us today.