Using Infographics to Tell Stories

As an organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity through inspirational communications, we were thrilled to come across both this graphic and this graphic-making tool.

The graphic has upsetting and exciting data and facts about the loss of biodiversity around the world from the World Bank. Some facts are heartbreaking: Two species have gone extinct every day since 2010. Others are hopeful: official development aid for biodiversity more than doubled between 2005 and 2010. When combined together, these and other statistics in the well-designed info graphic tell a compelling story. (To tell a more complete story, we would have also included a solution to the problem of biodiversity loss, as well as an action for people to take. But it is still a pretty neat graphic anyway.)

The tool is called Visually. They create data visualizations and infographics to help organizations and agencies promote brands and talk about research. The company matches clients with designers and provides tools to help the two communicate with each other throughout the process. According to their website, static graphics start at $1,000. The website also has an incredible trove of  infographics on other interesting topics, like engineering, cholesterol and dating.

What�s Happening to Biodiversity?